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Elle McGivern

Elle mcgivern small
3 · 2B/OF

Abbott Badgley

Abbott badgley small
6 · P/1B

Victoria Conley

Victoria conley small
8 · P/2B/OF

Ryan Shaughnessy

Ryan shaughnessy small
11 · OF

Madison Bylak

16b maddy bylak small
14 · 2B/SS

Lindsay LaDere

Lindsay ladere small
16 · INF/OF

Delaney Burns

Delaney burns small
18 · 1B/OF

Alyssa Dyhr

Alyssa dyhr small
19 · P/OF

Sydra Seville

Sydra seville small
20 · INF/OF

Teagan Sopczak

Teagan sopczak small
22 · P/INF/OF

Grace Piotrowski

Grace piotrowski small
23 · C/1B/3B

Carly Alvers

Carly alvers small
25 · 2B/3B/SS

Jules Gomez

Jules gomez small
28 · P/OF

Kaitlin Tholl

Kaitlin tholl small
44 · C/3B

Alyssa Drogemuller

Alyssa drogemuller small
50 · P/OF

Stepahnie Beane

No photo neutral 70

Jill Harvey

No photo neutral 70

Joe Tholl

No photo neutral 70


Number Photo Name Pos.
3 Elle mcgivern small Elle McGivern 2B|OF
6 Abbott badgley small Abbott Badgley P|1B
8 Victoria conley small Victoria Conley P|2B|OF
11 Ryan shaughnessy small Ryan Shaughnessy OF
14 16b maddy bylak small Madison Bylak 2B|SS
16 Lindsay ladere small Lindsay LaDere INF|OF
18 Delaney burns small Delaney Burns 1B|OF
19 Alyssa dyhr small Alyssa Dyhr P|OF
20 Sydra seville small Sydra Seville INF|OF
22 Teagan sopczak small Teagan Sopczak P|INF|OF
23 Grace piotrowski small Grace Piotrowski C|1B|3B
25 Carly alvers small Carly Alvers 2B|3B|SS
28 Jules gomez small Jules Gomez P|OF
44 Kaitlin tholl small Kaitlin Tholl C|3B
50 Alyssa drogemuller small Alyssa Drogemuller P|OF